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Thread Lift

Fox Eye lLift - Neck Lift - Jowl Tightening - Cheek Lift -Jawline Contour

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 800 Canadian dollars
  • No More Wrinkles

Service Description

We lift areas of sagging or loose skin in the face and neck. We can also lift the brows for that signature fox eye look. Thread lift results are instantaneous and collagen production is accelerated as the threads dissolve in the targeted area. Fox Eye or Brow Lift There is one cosmetic trend that you may not yet be familiar with. The fox eye lift first became popular in Europe and has recently exploded worldwide. The fox eye thread lift uses dissolvable sutures to lift and stretch the brows up and back towards the temples. The result is an almond shape, or elongated eyes which most describe as flattering for women. The fox eye lift treatment usually lasts up to 12 months depending on many variables. Treatment duration varies based on the patient’s genetics, metabolism, and lifestyle factors. Patients may also need some additional threads during this time period to maintain the look. Threads Erase Fine Lines Smooth threads are another type of dissolvable thread that stimulates the production of collagen and creates facial volume. Smooth threads can erase fine lines in the face and neck. Patients can now choose threads along with facial filler for cosmetic anti-aging treatments. Threads Dissolve Naturally The threads used to create a lift are made from polydioxanone (PDO) that are made from biodegradable material. Most of us are familiar with PDO threads that are used by surgeons to close up wounds after surgery. PDO threads dissolve naturally within the body and trigger collagen production. Collagen is what we need for younger looking skin. Threads are generally fully dissolved 9 months following your treatment. PDO threads are Health Canada approved. As we age, our skin naturally loses its firmness due to decreasing collagen and elastin production. As a result, fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds begin to form. Today, living in a world obsessed with beauty and social media, it can be easy to look in the mirror and wish your face was a bit more lifted. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with aging, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to do something about it. This desire is precisely why cosmetic treatments like non-surgical facial thread lifts are on the rise. Thread lifts are minimally invasive with bi-directional barbs that help tighten and lift sagging facial tissue. A thread lift provides an immediate effect as well as a regenerative effect.

Contact Details

  • 2025 William O'Connell Boulevard, Burlington, ON L7M 4E4, Canada


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